About Us

What is BitSails?

Yet another cryptocurrency exchange? 

Since the early days we know that Exchanges are the most effective gateway to the cryptocurrencies & blockchain economies. Plenty of platforms are active providing such services and here we are giving our contribute to enrich this wide range of infrastructures with a top notch product: BitSails.com.

Built, based and operated in the European Union, BitSails is the ultimate generation crypto trading platform created by cryptocurrencies professionals. We are a team of early adopters in the blockchain technology and we decided to bring our skills and experience at the service of the global cryptocurrencies community launching the safest Cryptocurrency Digital Exchange on the market.

Given that cryptocurrencies are here to stay in the long term we aim to provide a secure, fast and clean gateway to cryptocurrencies field to everyone. BitSails is free to use, now and forever, for everyone, from everywhere.

To provide the best security measures, during the platform's alpha stage (Until the end of 2020) we will be offering a bug bounty for critical bugs reported to us. To know more, write at [email protected].

What makes BitSails different?

  • Secure platform – Cold storage and funds security are the main security priority at BitSails. We run a segregated infrastructure where security is at military grade and communication between every part of the system is encrypted and secured by the latest infosec updates.
  • Personal Info & Anonymity – Your personal data are protected with the strongest encryption methods. We also ensure that our user's privacy remains safe purging all the personal data such IP and your browser's data every 3 months, to minimise the risk of data leaks from our systems.
  • "Ocean" trading engine, built from scratch – We developed a brand new trading engine named "Ocean". The BitSails infrastructure processes and executes orders with great precision and smoothness ensuring the greatest user experience available. A lot of focus is given on R&D in this particular field.
  • Fast & free deposits and easy withdrawals – At BitSails we do not charge any fees for deposits of any currency. Withdrawals uses network fees only to ensure a smooth transaction when outgoing from our exchange to your wallet. Trades are charged with a minimal fee (now reduced to 0% as launch promo!) to sustain exchange operations. Remember that using BitSails is free for everyone and it will stay as it is forever.
  • Complete and easy REST API – BitSails was built with thinking about third parties apps integrations. We have designed a complete API set for developers to build on our platform. We are currently working at V2 of our API to ensure even more functionalities for our users and developers who wants to build on top of BitSails.
  • Fast & responsive support – We know that every coin is valuable and your time's too. BitSails focus a lot of its efforts in providing a fast, reliable and comprehensive support system, operating 24/7 with trained operators to make every issue fixable easily and fast.


Alex is currently the founder and CEO of Bitsails. He loves computers, music, life and a lot of other stuff.

Frank is the main Engineer and CTO. He brings on the team more than 20 years of experience in scalable network and secured communication infrastructure development. 


BitSails Exchange Operational Team is currently composed by a growing team of 5 people, whose deals with the marketing, support and legal fields of BitSails operations. 

Property Rights

BitSails is a registered trademark of Agatha Global LTD company. Any misuse of the logo, name, reference will be punished by law.